6 Ways to Increase The Number of Offers on Your Home

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Selling a home requires the proper preparation and execution, especially in a competitive market like that of Kihei. As a seller, your goal is to attract as many potential buyers as possible and receive multiple offers if you want to sell your house fast. With more offers coming in, you’ll not only increase your chances of a successful sale but also gain greater leverage to negotiate for the right deal. So, if you’re selling Kihei real estate in the coming months, make sure you’re using these six top strategies to bring in as many offers as you can.

1. Set the right price

Setting the right price from the get-go is essential when you want to attract multiple offers. When a homeowner lists a property on the Kihei real estate market at too high a price, potential buyers may be deterred and look elsewhere. Meanwhile, if sellers price it too low, they could lose out on potential profit in the end. To determine the right price for your home, work with a Kihei real estate agent who will research comparable homes in the area. They’ll consider various factors about the property, such as the home's condition, location, and amenities, to come up with a number that represents the home’s fair market value.

Keep in mind, too, that setting the right price doesn't necessarily mean setting the lowest price possible. Often, sellers think that pricing their homes lower will draw in more buyers, but if your home has unique features or upgrades that set it apart from comparable homes, it may be worth setting a slightly higher price. Buyers will recognize that the price reflects what the home is offering. That being said, if your home requires repairs or updates, you may need to adjust the price accordingly.

2. Stage your home successfully

Staging your home is essential, even in a seller’s market. Home staging is the process of hiring a professional team to redecorate and rearrange the items in your home — or bring in their own inventory — to make your space as attractive to buyers as possible. Home staging has been shown to help potential buyers envision themselves living in the space, which can increase the likelihood that they put in an offer.

When staging your home, it's important to declutter and depersonalize the space first, taking out any items that might remind a buyer that you still live there. This allows buyers to focus entirely on the home's amazing features and not be distracted by your personal belongings.

In addition to traditional staging, you can also consider virtual staging, where a digital rendering is used to create images of what the home could look like with different furniture and decor in place. Virtual staging can be more cost-effective and less time-consuming than traditional staging, making it a great option if you’re interested in saving money or want to sell your home quickly.

3. Use high-quality photos and videos

Along with home staging, high-quality photos and videos can be a powerful tool for attracting potential buyers, especially in today's digital age. With 90% of buyers heading to online listing platforms at some point during their house hunts, good photos and videos can make or break your listing.

The value of photography lies in its ability to highlight your home's most intriguing features and help it stand out among other online listings and virtual tours. When preparing your listing, hire a professional photographer who can take photos and videos using the right lighting and angles to make your property shine.

Along with standard photos and videos, consider creating a virtual tour of your home. A virtual tour can give potential buyers a 360-degree view of the space, allowing them to “walk through” it at their own pace and on their own timeline, getting a better sense of its layout and features without having to attend an open house in person.

4. Market your home effectively

Once your listing is live, marketing your home effectively will ensure your property is seen by the highest number of buyers. With more eyes on your property listing, the more likely it will be that a higher number of offers will come in. When you work with skilled real estate professionals like The Yokouchi Team, you’ll gain access to a solid marketing strategy that includes online listings, open houses, social media promotion, and targeted advertising efforts.

5. Be flexible with showings

Being flexible with showings is another essential strategy to attract potential buyers and increase the number of offers you receive for your home. While it may be inconvenient to accommodate last-minute requests or showings at odd hours, it's important to remember that potential buyers may not be able to view the home during traditional business hours. Being flexible with showings and tours gives more buyers a chance to view your home, increasing the likelihood of achieving multiple offers and a higher final selling price.

6. Work with a skilled real estate agent

Working with a qualified real estate agent who has vast experience in your local market is key if you want to increase the number of offers on your home. A skilled local agent can help you create an attention-grabbing listing and negotiate offers on your behalf. Always remember that, when choosing a real estate agent, you’ll want to look for someone with extensive experience in Kihei and who has a clear record of success. Ask for referrals from friends and family or search online for your agent’s reviews and ratings.

Sell your Kihei home for top dollar

Increasing the number of offers on your home can be a challenge, but with these six expert tips, you can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and increase your chances of a successful sale.

If you're aiming to sell your home in Kihei, team up with real estate expert Leslie-Ann Yokouchi. With years of experience in the local market, Leslie can help you brainstorm a strategic list price, select an effective marketing strategy, and negotiate offers for your beautiful home. Contact Leslie-Ann of The Yokouchi Team today to learn more about how she can help you increase the number of offers you get for your glorious piece of Kihei real estate.

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