It Takes a Village to Sell Your Home. Here’s How We Can Help

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Selling your Wailuku real estate can feel like a journey, especially if you’re trying to do it yourself. There are plenty of home-selling tips online, and those articles will tell you how easy it is to “do it yourself” or run the show. The truth is, these home-selling tips don’t give an accurate picture of how hard listing your property among houses for sale in Wailuku or on the island can be.

Like many major life events, selling your Wailuku real estate isn’t a solo project. It takes a village, and a lot of help, to get you where you need to be. This is how working with Leslie Yokouchi, a long-time realtor, Maui native, and expert in Wailuku real estate, can help you sell your home faster and for more.

Connections matter

Selling a home isn’t as easy as adding your home to MLS and waiting for people to show up. Wailuku real estate listings only give you a piece of the puzzle, not the whole picture. Much of what realtors do is make connections with other agents, buyers, and the community. This is true in every market, but it’s especially true when it comes to Wailuku real estate, where it’s such an intimate, closed market —- it is an island, after all.

The Yokouchi Team has the advantage here. Being a Maui native with a long history and close ties to the community, Leslie Yokouchi and her team have a leg up over the dozens of other realtors in the area who are recent transplants. You can’t blame them for being drawn to Hawaii, of course. It’s beautiful, and there are enough Wailuku real estate listings to go around. But working with someone with established connections can get you farther and faster.

Realtors work with realtors

Did you know many agents refuse to show homes listed as For Sale By Owner? Unfortunately, this little fact is often missing in the hundreds of home-selling tips you can find online. It’s a lot of effort to purchase a home that is only listed for sale by an owner and has a lot of risks. Most realtors know it’s simply not worth it; there are more than enough legitimate houses for sale in Wailuku to show.
When you work with an established realtor like Leslie Yokouchi to sell your home, you never have to worry about showings or visitors.

Marketing also matters

Even if you’re using a realtor, you need to make sure you’re using one who knows the process. It’s more than just a single person listing among houses for sale in Wailuku. It’s about taking amazing pictures, doing a walkthrough, and setting up an online presence for your home. If you’re working with just a solo realtor who doesn’t appreciate this or doesn’t understand online marketing at all, you’re missing out on a huge market.

How huge? Over 90% of home buyers started their search online in 2020. These buyers don’t have access to MLS or other listing services. Instead, they rely on their agents to market and present their Wailuku real estate for them. If your agent can’t do this, they’re doing less than the minimum for you.

Guidance is huge

Ultimately as the seller, it’s up to you what happens to the home. Don’t want the price offered? Don’t take it! Wailuku real estate listings give the seller a lot of flexibility. However, having guidance and an objective opinion in the process is enormous.

Selling a home is emotional. A good realtor can help you take a step back and objectively examine the process and situation. Houses for sale in Wailuku go fast, and you might feel a lot of pressure. Having someone in your corner to help alleviate that pressure and guide you to the best answers for you is vital to a successful sale.

A good team won’t waste your time

Beyond being emotional, selling your Wailuku real estate is extremely time-consuming. Doing it yourself is a full-time job, but even with a team, it can take a lot of effort from you. When you work with a great team, they can take a lot of the work from your plate. A qualified realtor will help weed out buyers who aren’t interested and only show your home (and take up your time) for genuine contenders.

Anyone can look at Wailuku real estate listings online, but a realtor will help ensure not just anyone waltzes through your home.

Negotiation is not a joke

Even with the smoothest sale process, there is usually some negotiation. This is still a seller’s market, and negotiation is essential even with multiple offers — sometimes, it’s most important. A realtor is trained to handle various requests and negotiate on behalf of the seller so they get the absolute best sale price for their home.

Partner with The Yokouchi Team today

Leslie Yokouchi has lived and breathed real estate her entire life — literally. Leslie’s father owned and ran a very successful real estate company, and Leslie was a part of that for many years before spreading her wings and starting her own business on the island. She was born to negotiate real estate, and her team has access to the best technology on the market right now, so you, as the seller, have the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. With that kind of tech and info on your side, coupled with her experience, it’s hard to lose.

If you’re ready to list your Wailuku real estate, reach out to Leslie Yokouchi and her team today. It takes a village to sell a home, even in a hot market, and Leslie has the experience and the ability to get you where you need to be on your sale. Make the call today, and get started on your sale.

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